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Five-Star Restaurant

Mon. - Sun.

All Day Dinning

9 or 12 courses

The Art of Cuisine

CREST is our fine-dining restaurant, that is run by Our Head Chef. Come, relax, and enjoy our most exquisite food, desert, and cocktails

+234 701144 9047

Mon. - Sun.

Open at 7pm

Full selection of teas, coffee, wine & spirits…

Bar & Cafe

Snappy and Tasty

Our GLAZE Café and Bar is more laid back and oriented for less formal and more youth and fun audience

+234 701144 9047

the "Boom" bar

Wed. - Sun.

9pm – 4am

the "Boom" Bar will give you the best time

no reservations. just come. enjoy.

An atmosphere of great music in the heart of Owerri, indulge your taste in our beautiful CREST restaurant and bar. With our vibrant food and mixed drinks served with your choice of rocks, it’s a perfect day or night at our restaurant. 

Everything you can taste, you can enjoy with us

Our  Restaurant & Bar

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