Luxury Rooms

Towers / hairdryer

flat screen TV / remotes

2 beds


Table with chairs




Double room with nice bath 


Luxury rooms with all of the amenities included

No. of people

Up to 6 people
or 2 adults / 4 children

Daily rate from

Single rooms starts from ₦20,000 with king size bed and goes up with luxury stays

Design and comfort are perfectly combined with luxury and relaxation at Rento Hotel and Suites. Most of our rooms come with beautiful views and scenery. Our professional and courteous staff are a phone call away and are able to assist with anything you may need. With about 80 luxury rooms and suites, a spectacular swimming pool, restaurant and bars, a world-class gym, VIP lounge, an event center, and an environment like no other, Rento Hotel and Suites is your home away from home. Come and relax in one of our amazing luxury rooms and recuperate from all of the extreme conditions that nature brings. We have all of the amenities to help you reinvigorate!

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Beautiful View

Our visitors and guests enjoy the lush atmosphere that Rento Hotel and Suites provide.

Air Conditioned

All of our rooms from the Standard to the Presidential are all fitted with air-conditioning that works 24/7 without issues.

Fast & Secure Wifi

As part of the amenities you will enjoy while staying with us, we will provide access to a free and secure Wi-fi for your phone or laptop. 

Visitor reviews

People who stayed in our hotel, have only the best opinions about it.

Oluwajoba Oloba

"This is a very decent hotel in the heart of Owerri. I wanted to stay in another hotel but we didn’t get rooms available hence ending up at Rento. I must confess the place is very beautiful and rooms are super cool and clean. ”

C.C Okonkwo

"Rento is the best hotel in Owerri, it features free wifi, 24/7power, an amazing swimming pool, gym hall, conference hall, 5star customer service, and more. Rento dramatized a century with the magnificent architectural edifice. It's just beyond hotel, it's hospitality.”

Chukwuemeka Anyikwa

"Beautifully built and tastefully furnished hotel with state of the art facility. It's located at choice location in a very serene environment of Owerri. Ample parking space and great scenery.”

Tonya Robinson

"Excellent Service and great food! Love it...Definitely will stay again when I'm visiting this state!.”

Presidential Suite

The most spacious room you will ever see in our hotel. It is about three times the size of the standard room and has a lounge and bar area, dining area, large screen TVs, and a luxurious bathroom with stand-up shower.

Rento Exclusive Suite

The Exclusive suite is tastefully designed with comfort and a lot of room for a family or families with kids who wish to stay together. It has two master king bed, round table with chairs for relaxation, an amazing bathroom, and a coffee or Tea maker for early birds.

City View Suite

The City view suite is another city view suite that comes with exquisite design and finishing. It has extra space for relaxation and comfort. It also comes with a walk-in bathroom and shower. If you’re looking for a view that encompasses the city’s outskirts, this room is for you.

Alcove Suite

The Alcove Suite is where design meets with luxury. With warm and careful furnishes all through the room, you will feel nothing but fulfilled staying in this room. It also comes with separate bathroom and shower, and a city view that’s unforgettable.

Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Suite was also designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. It comes with a walk-in bathroom and a standup shower. Best for couples who are enjoying a getaway together.

Rento City View Room

The City view suite is our main room with all of the comfort and design in one. With its nice bathroom and shower, separate sitting area for relaxation or meeting, and a view of the city, this is a self contained room for anyone requiring extra space.

Single Room

The Single suite is one of our most affordable rooms in the hotel. Equipped with a single King size bed, a walk-in bathroom and shower, and a view of our wonderful city.

Standard Room

The Standard room is one of our most affordable rooms in our hotel. This doesn’t mean that it’s not equipped with all of the necessities that a luxury room should have. Everything in this room was specially selected to make sure it stands out from the other rooms. Your stay in this room is guaranteed to have you coming back.

Rento Classic Room

The Rento Classic room is also one of our most affordable rooms in the hotel. Equipped with a single King size bed, a walk-in bathroom and shower, and a view of our wonderful city, a small desk with chair.
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